24 February 2022 Staff

Saturday February 26th, 2022- reopening of the 2022 season


Monumental Garden

of  Valsanzibio

Reopening of the 2022 season

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The Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio, an artistic and
botany pearl of the Euganean Hills, reopens to the public on
Saturday February 26th. An exciting reopening, since we are
preparing to experience spring in the Garden after two years
in which the well-known causes have not made it possible.

The staff of the Garden is preparing with great enthusiasm to bring to life the unique emotions that the Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio is able to convey to its increasingly international and numerous visitors. Nine hectares with a symbolic path that leads to Salvation, designed by the fountain maker Luigi Bernini, younger brother of Gianlorenzo Bernini, among sculptures, fountains, fish ponds, water jokes, designed and built by the Barbarigo family when Venice was devastated by the plague of 1630. And then the famous vegetable labyrinth, the oldest in boxwood that can be found in the world. And three hectares of green lawn and centuries-old trees available to visitors for relaxation and picnics with the family. Kiosk at the Stables for coffee, aperitifs, quick lunches.

The Garden is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00 (until mid-March 18:00/18:30), non-stop on weekends and on request, there are guided tours on weekends to discover the artistic symbolic route that was inspired by San Gregorio Barbarigo, to keep faith with the solemn vow of his father who, during the terrible plague of 1630, promised God to give life to this “earthly paradise”. A 12-hectare garden where you can breathe the energy of centuries-old trees from all over the world and where the plant labyrinth stands out, one of the oldest in the world, which can always be visited and walked on with the available surveillance staff.

After two years in which it was not possible to enjoy the beauty of spring, the opening of the Garden this year is lived under the banner of positivity and hope. Already in the previous two years this was a time of great preparations, only to have to close to the public.
The current year is intended to be a year of rebirth, as this Garden tells step by step, a message conceived more than 350 years ago. And this positive message will be expressed throughout the year with meetings and events. The message of the labyrinth teaches that life must be lived intensely, even though we are aware that it is a difficult and complicated path, but at the same time it teaches us to be strong, to never give up, that sooner or later there is always a way out from any tangled situation.

The 2022 started with great satisfaction, thanks to the television episode aired in England in January on the Valsanzibio Garden, considered one of the most important gardens in Italy, as told by Monty Don, a great world expert on historical gardens. In recent years, the Garden has been the protagonist of numerous Italian and international television broadcasts.
The commitment to preserve and pass on this place to posterity is enormous, as it is a private property totally self-financed. Visitors therefore, with their visit, actively contribute to the maintenance of this good of humanity…thanks for your visits.

“My grandfather Armando deserves the credit for having repaired the disasters caused by the military occupation and the forced abandonment of the last war (1943-1946). My Father Fabio has the merit of having restored all 33 water points in the Garden compromised by eighty years of progressive impoverishment of the natural springs, with a system that allows 70% of water to be recycled.
To me, in addition to the commitment to continue to pass on this superlative reality to posterity, also the goal of making this pearl of our culture known worldwide. And in a few years great satisfactions have been achieved, with tourists coming from all over the world”
Armando Pizzoni Ardemani, manager of the ‘Tenuta Valsanzibio’.

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Entrance to the Garden: € 12.0 per adult and € 6.5 per child (from 2 to 14 years old)

Extra – entrance to the labyrinthine path: € 4.0 per adult (minors from 2 to 14 years free, but accompanied)

Extra – optional ‘Standard’ guided tour every Saturday, Sunday or public holiday at 11:00 and 15:00 or 15:30 or 16:00 (afternoon hours depends on the season): € 5.0 per adult (minors from 2 to 14 years free).

The ‘Standard’ guided tours organized by us last 60/70 minutes and are recommended for the high symbolism and countless allegories of this important garden, but they are not mandatory and have an extra cost of € 5.0 per person adult (kids / children free). If you want to participate in these guided tours send a whatsup to +39/340/0825844 or send an email to info@valsanzibiogiardino.com indicating a name, the day of the visit, the time and about the number of people who would like to participate in the guided tour.

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With its 12 open hectares, the Garden has two large spaces available to visitors. The Symbolic/Allegorical Garden, over 9 hectares, with sculptures, fountains, fish ponds, an ideal space for strolling through avenues with boxwood walls up to 5 meters high, unique in the world, trees of over 400 years from Africa, Asia and America. A true Renaissance walk.
And the Botanical Garden, over 2 hectares where you can choose and book an area, relax, play with the family and if you want you can have breakfast on the grass in a totally safe area.
The garden kiosk prepares breakfasts, picnic baskets and aperitifs.

Also this year the desire to immerse oneself in nature is great, the Garden is the ideal destination to breathe oxygen of trees over 400 years old from all over the world, also in the botanical area you can hug the trees, as a therapy, to make up for two years where it was problematic to embrace human beings. A way to thank them for the good they do to the Planet.

The labyrinth awaits you!

Never before have we the

desire to get lost to find ourself.

Info 340/0825844 o 335/5634918


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Please, pay close attention to our regulation (click HERE to consult the GARDEN REGULATION) because this seventeenth century garden is considered of its kind one of the most important artistic monuments in the world, but, like all ancient works of art, IT’S VERY DELICATE. In particular, we ask for a special collaboration from parents in controlling their children and making them understand that this is not a playground, but an environment that cannot support their normal and, in other circumstances, beautiful youthful exuberance…PLEASE IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to throw stones or rocks in the fish ponds/water areas of the garden, pay close ATTENTION to your children/teenagers in compliance with the rules…thanks for your kind and indispensable collaboration.

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The Valsanzibio Garden, follows the provisions of the current DPCM, remains open, in full compliance with the rules for combating and containing the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

According to the precautions provided for by the Prime Ministerial Decree of 13 October, 18 October, 3 November 2020, by the latest Ordinance of 12 November 2020 by the Veneto Region and by the DPCM currently in force, the Garden is not required to request the green pass or green certification from visitors, as it does not fall into the categories that must instead request it, but those who enter will have the obligation:

– to have the protective nose/mouth mask with you and to wear it where it can become difficult to maintain social distancing (visit to the labyrinth, bathrooms/toilets, Ancient Stables, any other);
– to maintain a safety distance of at least one meter with other visitors and ensure that minors comply with current regulations;
– to avoid any kind of gathering in any part of the Garden.

For more information, CLICK below:


The structures of the Garden will be sanitized several times a day and alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be made available to guests. Furthermore, in the Garden the control personnel will verify that all the rules are observed with the utmost care. We hope to see you soon. We all deserve a walk of rebirth, an immersion in the joy of living.

Camminare tra gli alberi

rende le persone migliori.

Le piante sono cibo e

medicina per l’anima.

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You want to make a special gift

to special people?

Give the entrance to the Monumental

Garden of Valsanzibio as a gift.

A welcome gift for lovers of Art and Nature and, at the same time, Art and Nature of the Garden sincerely thank you for the contribution.

You will also be involved in the maintenance of a historical-artistic-botanical asset that visitors from all over the world appreciate and admire.

These are the gift possibilities:

A. Entrance to the Garden and visit independently.
– Duration = not less than 60 minutes.
At the entrance you will be given a brochure with a map of the Garden, with a recommended route and some historical-artistic explanations. You can visit the entire historical-artistic area (the Allegorical Garden), the botanical area, and you can only access the labyrinth up from the central turret, with a panoramic view.

B. Entrance to the Garden in autonomy and practicability of the labyrinth path.
– Duration = not less than 70/90 minutes.
All as in ‘A.’ and in addition it will be possible to enter the labyrinth path (only in the presence of our surveillance staff and upon agreement with the ticket office on the access time).

C. Ingresso al Giardino e visita guidata ‘Standard’.
– Durata = non meno di 75/90 minuti.
Tutto come in ‘A.’ e in aggiunta il visitatore verrà accompagnato alla scoperta del significato simbolico e allegorico del Giardino. La visita guidata ‘Standard’ dura circa un’ora e può essere fatta solo tutti i Sabati, le Domeniche ed i giorni festivi alle 11:00 e alle 15:00/15:30/16:00 (l’orario pomeridiano varia in base alla stagione). Prima dell’orario della visita guidata e/o al termine della stessa, il visitatore potrà passeggiare in autonomia in tutte le aree visitabili del Giardino.

D. Ingresso al Giardino, percorribilità del labirinto e visita guidata ‘Standard’.
– Durata = non meno di 120 minuti.
Tutto come in ‘B.’ e in aggiunta il visitatore verrà accompagnato alla scoperta del significato simbolico e allegorico del Giardino. La visita guidata ‘Standard’ dura circa un’ora e può essere fatta solo tutti i Sabati, le Domeniche ed i giorni festivi alle 11:00 e alle 15:00/15:30/16:00 (l’orario pomeridiano varia in base alla stagione). Prima dell’orario della visita guidata e/o al termine della stessa, il visitatore potrà passeggiare in autonomia in tutte le aree visitabili del Giardino ed entrare nel percorso del labirinto (entrare nel percorso labirintico può essere fatto solo in presenza del nostro personale di sorveglianza e previo accordo con la biglietteria sull’orario di accesso).

For information and requests:


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INFINE VI segnaliamo…


Preview of the book

un opera scritta da Luigi Cerantola con fotografie di Renato D’Agostin, giovane fotografo veneziano che ha già esposto in prestigiose gallerie d’arte internazionali, tra cui Venezia, New York, Parigi. Alcuni sui scatti realizzati nel Giardino di Valsanzibio appaiono anche sulla facciata dell’antico Casino di caccia denominato Cà Martinengo (clicca sopra per conoscere Ca’ Martinengo).

Da VALSANZIBIO è stato tratto il Codice di Valsanzibio, un libro realizzato secondo tecniche monastiche antiche e composto di 26 grandi pagine (cm. 23,5 x 32) esposte in sequenza. In quest’opera i 24 Sonetti del poeta Luigi Cerantola, che prendono avvio dal Sonetto “Curioso viator che in questa parte” inciso sulla gradinata che dal Giardino di Valsanzibio immette al Piazzale delle Rivelazioni in fronte a Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani (clicca La Scalinata del Sonetto), sono calligrafati su carta giapponese e tutte le 26 pagine sono dipinte da Alessio Mancino.

Il codice è in linea alla tradizione classica (vedi le Très Riches Heuresdu Duc de Berry del 1415 circa) che intendeva dar veste solenne e imperitura ad un testo calligrafandolo e miniandolo.

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Tutte le attività che si svolgono all’interno del Giardino di Valsanzibio, se non specificato altrimenti, prevedono il regolare ingresso al giardino ed il pagamento del biglietto.

Per ulteriori info seguite gli aggiornamenti QUI alla voce ‘NEWS‘ o andate alla nostra pagina di Facebook: Giardino Barbarigo Valsanzibio.