Website Terms and Conditions for Sale of Tickets

Who are we and our contact details

We are Tenuta Valsanzibio S.R.L. We’re a privately registered company in Italy with company number 327221 whose registered address is at Via Diana n° 2, Valsanzibio di Galzignano Terme, 35030, Padova.

You can get hold of us in any of the following ways:

  • by telephoning us on +39 340 0825844;
  • by emailing us at; or
  • by writing to us at Via Diana n° 2, Valsanzibio di Galzignano Terme, 35030, Padova.

In case you need it, our IVA number is 03661360283.

What do these terms do and why are they important?

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before you purchase tickets via our website. They contain important information, including:

(a) how we will provide you with the services that you have purchased

(b) our payment terms and delivery methods

(c) the situations in which this contract may be amended or cancelled by you or by us

(d) how we will use your personal details

as well as other matters.

If, in these terms and conditions, we say that either of us may contact the other in ‘writing’, then this means it can be by email.

Separate terms and conditions apply to the use of our website. You can find those terms and conditions here:

Your personal information

For information about how we collect and use your personal information, please see our general privacy notice, which is available here:

Order Process and the Contract between you and us

When you place an order with us, the legal contract between you and us will only come into existence when we tell you that we can provide the ticket(s) to you which we will communicate by email. If we tell you that we cannot provide the ticket(s) to you for whatever reason, then we will not charge you for them. If we tell you that we are unable to provide the ticket(s), and we have already received payment from you, then we will refund you in full for any ticket(s) that we cannot provide.

About the tickets

Any descriptions or images of the tickets which are present out on our websites are for illustration only.

Changing the date of ‘General Admission’ tickets (Adults & Children) or ‘Supplementary/Special Access’ tickets (including the Labyrinth)

If you would like to make a change to the date of your visit (including any ancillary tickets), please contact us no later than three days prior to your visit using the form found here.

Whilst we will endeavour to accommodate all requests, this cannot be guaranteed – this is for a number of reasons, including:

  • We use ticket purchase data to inform our staff rotas
  • Throughout the year the garden can be closed either due to unforeseen events, or private events. Due to the nature of these situations it is not always possible to forecast  

In the event we are able to change the date of your visit there will be no additional charge.

Please note we are only able to accept ticket date change requests within the same visiting year for an available visiting date.

In some circumstances we may need to make minor changes to the ticket(s) that you ordered. As these are minor changes and will not affect your use of the ticket(s) we will not usually contact you about these. These minor changes are likely to be:

  • because we need to implement a change in the law, or a regulatory requirement; and/or
  • because we need to make minor technical changes or enhancements that will not affect your use, handling or enjoyment of the garden.

It is possible that exceptionally, we may need to make a more major change to the garden. If these exceptional circumstances arise in relation to an order that you have placed with us, then we will contact you before we make the change to let you know. If you do not want to proceed with the change, you’ll be entitled to change the date of your visit, or a full refund.

Payment details

The price of all tickets is set out on our website at the time when you place your order. Our prices include all applicable taxes and fees, including a booking fee and in relation to Italian law.

Any other costs associated with the ticket(s) will be the amounts that were set out to you in the order process on our website.

We accept payment by credit or debit card (processed by Stripe), or PayPal via our website.

Our website offers the ability to change the displayed currency from EUR to other major currencies. All orders are processed exclusively in EUR. It’s possible depending on your chosen payment method, the exact amount charged may vary due to fluctuations in currency rates. In this event, we are not responsible for any overcharging. Equally, you may be subject to additional fees based on the terms and conditions of your payment provider. These are outside of our control, and as such we are not responsible in such instances.

Delivery of tickets

All tickets purchased online are delivered via email within 1 hour of completing your purchase.  

We will contact you if we are delayed in delivering the (ticket)s to you because of circumstances that are not within our control. If we contact you within a reasonable time to let you know about this, then we will not be responsible for any delays due to those circumstances. However, if the delay continues beyond 48 hours and you no longer wish to proceed with your order then you must contact us to cancel your visit, and we will provide you with a refund for any (ticket)s that you have paid for but not yet received.

Redemption of tickets

To redeem your (tickets), please show your confirmation email at the garden entrance, using your smartphone/tablet, or a printed copy. You will then be provided with a formal ticket to keep during your visit, and to present to staff if requested to do so.

Your obligations

We will inform you in the description of the tickets on our website of expectations that we need you to adhere to when visiting. This information is available here, and is also provided via email when purchasing tickets.

If you don’t adhere to these expectations we reserve the right to cancel your visit and request that you leave the gardens. In this unlikely event, you will not be provided with a refund.

If you are unhappy with your visit experience

We hope that you are satisfied with your visit experience; however, if you are not, please contact us using the details set out at the top of this policy.

Our liability

We shall not be liable to you in any circumstances for any loss or damage that is beyond our reasonable control, or that we could not reasonably foresee.

If we provide any advice to you, including in any instructions provided to you with the services (such as our Garden Rules & Considerations), then you should follow these carefully. We will not be liable to you for any damage that is caused due to your failure to follow such advice or instructions.

Our tickets are only intended for personal/private use. We do not provide them for business or commercial use. If you do use the (ticket)s for business or commercial use, we will have no liability to you for loss of profit, loss of business, loss of opportunity or loss of goodwill.

Your rights to cancellation

We do not offer the ability to cancel ‘General Admission’ tickets (adult or child), or ‘Supplementary/Special Access’ tickets (including The Labyrinth), unless one of the following situations applies:

  • we have informed you that there was an error with the price or the description of the goods and/or services when you placed the order, and you now do not wish to proceed based on the correct price or description;
  • we have informed you that we need to make a major change to the goods and/or services (such as the closure of the garden, or a change in opening hours) and you do not want to proceed with the change;
  • there is a significant impact in our ability to provide the services to you, because of circumstances that are not within our control (such as unplanned closure of the gardens);
    • For access to the Labyrinth, it is possible that due to weather conditions or urgently required maintenance that this will not always be possible. Whilst we strive to ensure access is available at advertised times, in order to protect the Labyrinth we occasionally prevent access. This is typically decided on the day and as such there is a small chance that during your visit access to the Labyrinth will not be possible, even having purchased a ticket in advance. In this situation, you will be entitled to either a full and immediate refund which is available from the main entrance with a valid ticket confirmation, provided in cash, or, in the form of alternatives goods/services available at the time of your visit.

In the event of a potential cancellation, we will provide the option to change the date of your visit, at no additional cost. If you wish to proceed with the cancellation, we ask that you complete the form here. On receipt of your request, we will process a full refund immediately for all services purchased.



We cannot offer refunds in the event you are unable to visit according to the date specified when purchasing your ticket(s).



As a monumental and botanical Garden we are exempt from IVA/VAT (according to the Art.10 point 22 of the D.P.R. 633/72 and successive modification), and as such, unless directed by yourself, we do not automatically issue invoices for tickets booked online. All online tickets are issued with a confirmation of payment (along with your ticket confirmation) automatically by Shopify (our ticket management system). In the event you require an invoice for your payment please contact us in advance, providing the following information:
  • Full name/business registered owner
  • Address
  • VAT/P.Iva and/or Fiscal Code
  • Legal email address (pec)
  • Univocal code
The invoice will be issued by Tenuta Valsanzibio S.R.L. (P.IVA: 03661360283) once payment has been received the payment and will be sent by email by the Italian tax office. This service incurs a cost of 9,00 € (tax and processing fee).


We may transfer our rights and obligations under these terms and conditions to another organisation. We will contact you to let you know if we do so. Any transfer will not affect your rights under these terms and conditions.

You cannot transfer any of your rights or obligations under these terms and conditions to anyone else without first getting our consent in writing.

If a court decides that any part of these terms and conditions are invalid or unenforceable, the remaining sections of these terms and conditions will not be affected and will remain in place.

If we delay in exercising any right we have under the contract, this will not stop us from exercising that right against you at a later date.

Unless we transfer our rights and obligations to another organisation, then this contract is only between you and us. This means no other person or organisation is a party to this contract and they do not have any rights under the contract.

If there is ever any dispute between you and us, then it will be resolved using Italian law.

In addition, if you are dissatisfied with how we have handled your complaint, you can refer the dispute to the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform by following this link: