The Statue of Time

``Fly with time the hours and escape the years``

The Statue of Time, which sits on the west side of the Main Boulevard, is in juxtaposition to Rabbit Island. Where Rabbit Island represents the physical confines of the human body within space and time, this monumental statue symbolises how the human soul traverses these same confines. The statue itself is of Cronos, God of Time and features him leaning on a sand clock (measuring time), and physically weighted down by time. 

Twelve Faces of the Year

Weighing Cronos down is a dodecahedron which with it twelve sides represents the twelve months of the year. As the sun moves throughout the day each side is illuminated to a different extent, symbolising how some years are good (brightly lit), and some are bad (little illumination).

Finally, Cronos looks toward the sunset and his wings are complimentary to the following inscription found at the base of the statue:

Volan col Tempo l’hore e fuggon gli anni’ (‘Fly with time the hours and escape the years’)

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