Due to the current COVID-19 emergency and in addition to the general ‘VISIT RULES AND CONSIDERATIONS‘, visiting the Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio is only authorised after reading and accepting these ‘COVID-19 RULES’. Both of these sets of regulations are displayed at our entrance and ticket office, and available on our website.

By purchasing a ticket, you unilaterally accept, without revocation or future amendment by yourself, all parts of these rules, and that you are personally liable for any consequences that may arise from any violation of any of the regulations while visiting our garden.

Considering the large size of our garden, and the limited personnel available for supervision, you must personally ensure adherence to the rules set out below, for yourself and those you are responsible for (including, but not limited to children). Failing to do so will result in any measures undertaken by the authorities, financial or otherwise, that are imposed in the event of contravention of the rules being levied against yourself personally.

The use of the green areas is allowed in the time slot of regular visits to the Monumental Garden, in compliance with the measures already in place aimed at containing the infection from Covid-19 and the provisions of the DPCM of 13 October, 18 October, 3 November 2020, by the latest Ordinance of 12 November 2020 of the Veneto Region and by the DPCM currently in force (DECREE-LAW 23 July 2021 n.105), and the Garden is not required to request the green pass or green certification from visitors as it does not fall within the categories that must instead request it, but whoever enters will have the following obligations:

  • It is mandatory to have the protective nose and mouth mask with you and to wear it where it can become difficult to maintain social distancing (visit to the labyrinth, bathrooms / toilets, Ancient Stables, any other);
  • This regulation also applies to the use of our toilet facilities (which are cleaned and sanitized several times of day)
  • It is mandatory to respect the interpersonal distance of (at least) 1 metre, in all areas, including but not limited to, the entrance (ticket office) and car park near the entrance. This applies throughout the duration of your visit, in all areas of our garden, to yourself and all those you are responsible for (including children).
    • This regulation also applies to the use of benches and other seating in all areas of the garden
  • The only exceptions to the above regulations are minors and persons whom are not completely self-sufficient, and for individuals whom interpersonal access of less than 1 metre is required.
  • Exercise activities (such as yoga) is permitted only in the designated areas, and only in compliance with an interpersonal safety distance of (at least) 2 metres
  • It is forbidden for groups of persons to assemble in any part of our garden
  • It is forbidden to use the play areas, including for individual games
  • It is forbidden to enter our garden if you have a fever in excess of 37.5 degrees. In the event you begin to exhibit a fever during your visit, you must immediately proceed to the exit in order to avoid putting other visitors, and our team at potential risk.

06 August 2021, The Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio