Features of the Garden

1. Greenery hall & Marble table

2. The Labyrinth

3. Hermit’s grotto

4. Martinengo’s Pond (or The Red Fishery)

5. The Pila Fountain (or Conca Fountain)

6. The Fishery of the Winds

7. The Rainbow fountain

8. Fishery of the Rivers (or Diana’s Bath)

9. Diana’s Pavillion

10. Rabbit Island

11. The Fountain of Water Tricks

12. Fountain of the Western “Putto”

13. Fountain of the Eastern “Putto”

14. The Staircase of the Sonnets

15. The Square of Revelations & The Ecstasy Fountain

16. The Boxwood ‘Parterre’

17. The Statue of Time

18. Small wood


a. Il “Cardo”, the Main Boulevard

b. Il “Decumano”, the Water Boulevard

c. The Venetian Alley, “La Calle Veneziana”

d. The Rainbow Boulevard

e. The Shadow’s Alley


19. Garden main entrance and exit

20. Car Park

21. Anchient Stable

22. Anchient Stable
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Other Points of Note that cannot be visited but that can be seen from the ‘The Staircase of the Sonnets’ n° 14

23. The Citrus Greenhouse

24. Villa Barbarico Pizzoni Ardemani

25. Foresteria

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