25 February 2016 Armando Pizzoni Ardemani


Help us to maintain intact this open air
museum of great artistic-botanic value.

Please, read its regulation before coming in and pay special care to the following things:
1. MINORS HAVE TO BE ALWAYS ESCORTED WHILE VISITING THE GARDEN. Please, constantly supervise minors and guarantee the respect of this ancient and fragile environment; try to explain to them that the garden of Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani with its century old boxwood labyrinth it is NOT an amusement park, but rather a open air museum to be respected and protected.
2. Damaging century old plants or art’s works is a serious offence, punishable by law. Whomever will be seen damaging the plants and/or the art’s works will be charged and will have to pay a fine. Thus, IT IS RIGOROUSLY FORBIDDEN to pick plants or flowers; leave the design paths; pass through the boxwood hedges; climb on the statues or on the plants or make incisions/drawings on them; throw stones in the fountains and/or in the fisheries…AVOID all those actions considered impolite and that DO NOT respect this place part of the human inheritance; please, point out wrong behaviors and help us to make more aware the tourists less attentive.
3. Remain always on the design paths. Do not walk on grass or other sensitive terrains. Also in the absence of signs, respect always the barriers or wood fences.
4. Generally, it is forbidden to make photos and/or filming. IT IS ALLOWED to take non-professional photos/video clips with smart phones or tablets. However, the garden’s security personal have the right to evaluate and interrupt whatever ‘photo/movie taking’ that was not previously authorized. In case of professional cameras/equipments and drones, the Management will evaluate the possibility of granting a photo/recording permit. However, all private photos/movies shooting (ex. Wedding photo shooting) or commercial ones require a fee that will be specifically agreed with the Ownership (CLICK HERE to view the regulations to take photo/filming in the Monumental Garden).
5. dogs are NOT admitted with the exception of small size one (CLICK HERE to view the dogs’ admittance rules).
6. The labyrinth of Valsanzibio is very delicate, due to the fact that is made of century old boxwood plants. It is not always walk able, since our priority is to preserve it.
– Important rules to VISIT THE LABYRINTH and accessibility to the labyrinth path:
A. Unless otherwise advised, you can always go to the labyrinth’s middle tower. However, you CANNOT enter the labyrinth path UNLESS the garden security personal is present on the middle tower – normally, the labyrinth path is open from 11/11:30 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00;
B. Wheel chairs and baby strollers are not allowed;
C. Small dogs are allowed only if carried by their owners;
D. Place bag packs or bags in front in order to have more control on them and, thus, avoiding to damage the plants by mistake;
E. Pay attention to all the signs and, IF you are allowed to enter the labyrinth path, enter it only from the ENTRANCE (indicated by the sign: ENTRANCE to the labyrinth) and not from its ARRIVAL;
F. Remain always on the designed paths and be very careful to avoid brushing the plants and, in particular, avoid bumping on the exposed trunks of the century old plants. Do not climb on the plants, on their protections and/or on the wood or metal fences. Special care to the plants that, due to space constraints, we were not able to protect;
G. IN CASE OF RAIN, the umbrellas must be closed even if You JUST go to the middle tower. FURTHERMORE, in case of rain or if the labyrinth path is still very wet due to previous rainfall, the middle tower of the labyrinth will always remain accessible, but the labyrinth path will be CLOSE in order to avoid damaging the terrain and with it the very delicate century old roots…THANK YOU for the understanding and essential collaboration.

7. Remember that all the water of the garden is not fit to drink (all the water is recycled).
8. Bring all the trash to the appropriate garbage bins placed at the entrance/exit of the garden or at the ancient stable next to the self service drink and food dispensers…thank You.

Thank You for Your kind and essential collaboration in helping us to maintain intact this marvelous place with its century old plants (…and help us to make more aware the tourists less attentive!).