12 August 2016 Armando Pizzoni Ardemani


An opportunity to privately book the labyrinth for about 30 minutes toward the sunset to romantically ask the hand of the loved soul.

The Valsanzibio’s labyrinth allegorically summarize the many difficulties that you encounter in life: choices to make, doubts on the path to take, furthermore you can fall in the seven capital sins, dead ends or winding loops where the only way to come out is to go back in your own steps. At the end of the journey you ascend to the middle tower, where the view is breath taking, and declaring your love becomes an incredible experience. An alternative that has already many requests from Italy and from abroad. It is not by chance that the hotels of the Euganee Hills present the garden of Valsanzibio as “The most romantic Garden of Italy”.

For more information send an email to

info@valsanzibiogiardino.it or call the number +39/335/5634918

Davide & Jenny

In the 2.0 era, an age of smartphones and social-networking, there are still some that choose locations of time passed and romanticism to ask the hand of their loved one. Thursday August the 11th, at sun dawn, took place the first official marriage proposal in the labyrinth of Valsanzibio’s Monumental Garden. Davide B., venetian researcher that lives and works in Holland, has privately booked the historic labyrinth, composed of over 6000 century old boxwood plants, to ask to his beloved Jenny, researcher as himself, to marry him. Everything was carefully planned: at the entrance of the labyrinth the first envelope dedicated to lead her, then other envelopes in the crucial points of the path placed on the ground, to romantically suggest the way to take, so to rapidly find the way out (in the photo below Davide and Jenny).


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