The Hermit’s Grotto, in the symbolic path of purification started at the Diane’s Pavillion, is the place where you come to meditate, think about what you have learned after the journey in the Labyrinth.  This symbolic grotto represents also a ‘period’ of Saint Gregorio Barbarigo’s life.  In fact, the true desire of the Saint was of becoming an Hermit exclusively devoted to God.  However, this desire was prevented by both the family, because a Barbarigo could become a Cardinal, a Bishop, maybe also a Pope (as Cardinal Gregorio took place to 4 Pope’s election – 1667, 1676, 1689 e 1691 – and he was very near to be elected Pope – maybe he himself was the one to decline this possibility!), but never an Hermit, as weel as by Pope Chigi, Alessandro VII:  an important figure as the one of Gregorio should have devoted his faith to other people rather than wasted it in hermitage.