27 December 2023 Staff

The entry to the Valsanzibio Monumental Garden as a gift

You want to make a special

gift to special people?

Give the entrance to the Monumental

Garden of Valsanzibio as a gift.

A welcome gift for lovers of Art and Nature and, at the same time, Art and Nature of the Garden sincerely thank the contribution.

You will also be involved in the maintenance of a historical-artistic-botanical heritage that visitors from all over the world appreciate and admire.

If you are interested in the Valsanzibio ‘Buono Regalo’ (‘Gift Voucher’), just specify what you want to give as a gift (entrance to the Garden, entrance + labyrinthine path), indicate the name of the Gift Beneficiary (such as Patrick Green) + any companions ( such as Patrick Green + 1 or Patrick Green + John Smith) or indicate to leave nameless, indicate if the ‘Gift Voucher’ is unique for all the names or you want multiple ‘Gift Vouchers’ for each name, indicate the email where we must send the chosen ‘Gift Voucher’ (e.g. your email, if you want to deliver it to the Gift Beneficiary, or the gift Beneficiary’s email, if you want the Gift Beneficiary to receive it directly from us).
Upon receipt of this information we will send you a provisional booking with the amount to be transferred.
Therefore, as soon as we have received via e-mail (info@valsanzibiogiardino.com), in pdf or jpg format, the copy of the bank transfer relating to the payment of the chosen ‘Gift Voucher’, we will send it to the email address indicated by you.  The ‘Gift Voucher’, where the chosen gift package will be specified without indication of prices and valid for one year, will be numbered and exclusive for the beneficiary.
At this point, the ‘Gift Voucher’ received in digital format will only have to be printed, then folded in half first on the short side and then on the long side, donated to the beneficiary and, in due time (within the validity period of one year ), brought by the beneficiary to our ticket office for validation and to enjoy their gift.

These are the gift possibilities:

A. Entrance to the Garden and visit independently.
– Cost = 12,0 € per adult; 6,5 € per child/boy (from 2 to 14 years old).
– Duration = not less than 60 minutes.
At the entrance you will be given a brochure with a map of the Garden, with a recommended route and some historical-artistic explanations. You can visit the entire historical-artistic area (the Allegorical Garden), the botanical area, and you can access the labyrinth central tower for a panoramic view.

B. Entrance to the Garden in autonomy and access to the labyrinth path.
– Cost = 16,0 € per adult; 6,5 € per child/boy (from 2 to 14 years old – children/boys can access the labyrinth path for free, but must be accompanied by at least one adult for every 3 children/boys).
– Duration = not less than 70/90 minutes.
Everything as in ‘A.’ and in addition it will be possible to enter the path of the labyrinth (only in the presence of our surveillance staff and upon agreement with the ticket office on the access time).

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