Renting of the Villa for Exclusive Vacations

A Doge’s Residence in 9 hectares of world-famous monumental gardens,
with a private pool and bordering a 27-hole golf course.

The Villa, built in the 17th century by the Barbarigo, one of the most important and rich Venetian families, is located in the ancient village of Valsanzibio, a hamlet of Galzignano Terme (Padua), surrounded by the immaculate San Eusebio Valley (from which the name of Valsanzibio derives) in the Euganean Hills, it is close to innumerable spas (the closest is only 3 km away, the thermal centers of Galzignano and Battaglia Terme) and overlooks one of the most important historical gardens. Moreover, in the East it borders the oldest 27-hole golf course in the region (the ‘Golf Club of Padua’ ).

Where it is: 18 km (20 minutes) south / east of Padua (the city of Sant’Antonio – airport for helicopters and private planes); 30 km (30 minutes) from Vicenza (the city of Palladio); 50 km (35 minutes) from Venice (the city on the water – international airport for scheduled airliners); 75 km (60 minutes) from Verona (the city of love and the arena – international airport for airliners); 40 km (30 minutes) from Ferrara; 85 km (60 minutes) from Bologna (international airport for airliners). Railway station and motorway exit: Terme Euganee or Monselice (about 7 km), respectively for Padua, Milan or Venice (towards the north of Italy), or for Ferrara, Bologna, Florence and Rome (towards the south of Italy) .

At the foot of the Euganean Hills , this area is particularly known for:

The seventeenth-century historical garden of 9 hectares,
the Monumental garden of Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani.

A unique garden, also known as the ‘Little Versailles’ or the ‘Pearl of the Euganean Hills’, designed by the main architect and fountainman Pontifical Luigi Bernini, where you can admire the famous labyrinth of boxwoods, one of a kind and certainly one of the most important in Europe, the Island of the rabbits, the Monument to Time, over 60 sculptures by Enrico Marengo, and the splendid portal of Diana. A magical area where you can stroll among fish ponds, fountains, water jokes, 60,000 square meters of boxwood up to 5 meters high, and hundreds of old trees. A unique place in the world, surrounded by a medieval village and immersed in a valley intact and unaltered for more than 350 years. Here the visitor is projected into a dimension today almost completely disappeared and, certainly, very rare,

The suggestive walking paths, mountain bike and
horseback riding courses in the surrounding hills;

Visiting other Venetian Villas (such as the Ville of the Brenta’s Riviera, 18 km away),
the Palladian houses or many charming medieval small towns in the surrounding
(Arquà Petrarca, 4 km; Monselice, 7 km; Este, 14 km; Montagnana, 25 km);

The hot spring health facilities (Galzignano & Battaglia Terme, 3 km away;
Montegrotto and Abano Terme, respectively 7,5 and 10 km away);

The golf courses (The Golf Course of Padova, 27 holes – 0,3 km away; the Golf Club of Galzignano, 9 holes 
– 3,5 km away; the Golf Club of Montecchia and the Golf Club of Frassanelle, 27 holes – 15 km away);

The many wine, olive oil and food tasting facilities (the nearest ones within 2,5 km).

The Villa is owned by Nobili Pizzoni dei Conti Ardemani  since 1929 and is part of an estate of about 200 hectares (95% of the Valsanzibio Valley and most of the ancient village of Valsanzibio). Guests can rent the manor house with free access to about 2 hectares of garden and about 0.5 hectares of pool area  closed to visitors of the historic garden. In addition, they will have free access to the remaining 7 hectares of historic garden and park visited daily (access to the garden that can be visited only during regular visiting hours – see VISITS for the opening hours of the Monumental garden ).


Area in esclusiva della Villa

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Photo above – the private garden area rented with the Villa