Are you looking for a unique vacation destination and the chance to stay in a Doge’s residence? Or, perhaps you are looking for an exceptional film or photography set?


Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani is a Venetian Villa set in one of the most beautiful historical gardens in Europe. The combination of the historical villa and one of the most important baroque gardens in the world blends history, art, beauty and excellence to offer the perfect setting for unforgettable hospitality and vacations.

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Unique Vacations


Nestled away in an untouched valley in the North-West of Italy, in the pristine National Park of the Euganean Hills, lies Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani. The villa is part of the Valsanzibio estate which includes the world-famous Giardino Valsanzibio and during your stay you will enjoy views over this beautiful historical garden.

The Villa is recognised as one of the foremost historical residences of the region having been built, along with the garden, in the 17th century by the wealthy Venetian noble family, the Barbarigo. As the garden and villa were accessible by water from Venice up until the mid-19th century, you will be following in the footsteps of the Venetian Doge who used to stay here during his own vacations.

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The Villa can be booked on a self-catering basis or a private cook can be arranged. If you have any other special requirements from personal trainers to yoga teachers or art and Italian lessons, we are happy to help you plan your perfect vacation.

The Local Region

The Euganean Hills are well known for their thermal springs and the nearby spa towns of Abano, Montegrotto, Battaglia and Galzignano Terme attract many tourists wishing to enjoy the health benefits of the waters. The Valsanzibio estate also borders the first golf club in the region, the 27 holes ‘Golf Club di Padova’—perfect for those wishing to take in a few  rounds of golf while on vacation.

For those who are looking for adventure, the whole area is criss-crossed by walking and cycle paths.

The Villa is perfectly located to reach the larger towns and cities of the region by car: Padua (20 mins), Este (20 mins) Venice (45 mins), Verona (1 hour 10 mins).

Discover the Villa

Rent the Square of Revelations

…final goal of the allegorical path of salvation, for organizing events, cocktails, ‘aperitivi’, fashion parades and much more.

The Square of the Revelations, with the Fountain of the Mushroom or of the Revelations in front of the Villa, represents the final goal of the allegorical path of salvation wanted by Saint Gregorio Barbarigo to full fill the solem vow made by his Father to Our God in 1631. This fascinating square can be the wonderful location where organie many types of events for relatives, friends or clients.


Private Dining


Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani is available to host any matter of private dining events; from intimate romantic dinners, business lunches or large scale sittings.

We have established relationships with local suppliers and vendors to cater all food and drink to your exact needs, and offer the option to have private chef hired specifically for your event.

Speak to our team today to arrange your private dining experience at Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani:




An opportunity to book guided visits of the Monumental Garden finishing with a delightful ‘Aperitivo’ Bellini drink under the patio of the Villa, looking upon the Square of the Revelations – Thanks to Bellini Canella

It is possible to organize an ‘Aperitivo’ with the typical Venetian drink ‘Bellini’ (Prosecco wine blended with peach juice) in the patio in front of the Villa. With this experience, the participants to the Aperitivo will have access to the Square of Revelations in front of the Villa (a part of the garden not allowed to the regular tourists of the monumental garden) and have the ‘Bellini’ drink served in the patio of the Villa.




An opportunity to privately book the labyrinth for about 30 minutes toward the sunset to romantically ask the hand of the loved soul.


The Valsanzibio’s labyrinth allegorically summarize the many difficulties that you encounter in life: choices to make, doubts on the path to take, furthermore you can fall in the seven capital sins, dead ends or winding loops where the only way to come out is to go back in your own steps. At the end of the journey you ascend to the middle tower, where the view is breath taking, and declaring your love becomes an incredible experience. An alternative that has already many requests from Italy and from abroad. It is not by chance that the hotels of the Euganee Hills present the garden of Valsanzibio as “The most romantic Garden of Italy”.

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